My story about my having escaped being adopted by my uncle and aunt caused some of my readers to comment about the process of adoption.  I had responded with “Adoption is quite common in India when a couple is childless and someone from within the family gives away a child to them in adoption. This is done primarily to keep the family wealth within the family.”

Here is a big story in India which is quite a scandal in the South of India where the cast is famous and influential. The wealth is obviously the villain of the piece!

There are other reasons for the phenomenon and this post will explain one such reason.  Balram breathed his last three months ago, and for all religious purposes, as long as I am alive I am the father for Suresh, who has been hinting that I should include his name in my will!

Talking about adoption, there is another story that I had written about some time ago which never fails to bring a lump to my throat.