The Massage.

I used the gift voucher and got my Swedish Massage yesterday.

The Swedish massage was not as satisfying as the one that my regular masseur provides me with. It is too gentle for my thick skin! It is more pressure rubbing than the kneading and pummeling that I am used to it. But, it was paisa vasool.

After the massage, the masseur checked the shower in the cubicle and announced that the shower was not working and that he would provide me with a bath robe and that I should move to another cubicle for the shower. Having no choice in the matter, I did and returned to the original cubicle to get dressed.

I had almost completed dressing when the door opened and a much startled lady took a look at the spectacle inside and scooted after banging the door shut.

I duly got dressed and got out to the reception area to advise my dissatisfaction with the shower not being in the same cubicle. I found the lady who had opened the door sitting there across from the receptionist and could not resist the temptation to announce that the lady had dropped in for a peep show too. She went red with embarrassment ans stuttered and spluttered but I smiled and assured her that it was okay and I hoped that she enjoyed the show! She started hyperventilating and I left before she could pop off!

I took the lift down to the lobby and as I was coming out, the same lady darted across from the stair case that she obviously had taken to rush out and almost bumped into me. I again smiled at her and said “haven’t you had enough of me yet?” Apparently she did and literally sprinted across the lobby and vanished.

I came home hoping to catch a nap but was interrupted by my friend Chandru wanting me to take him to the park.

No rest for the wicked!

No, I am not cut out for massages in spas.


The best form of relaxation for me is to get a full body massage from my regular masseur who is almost totally blind and nature has compensated him for that handicap by a highly sensitive touch. He massages me from top to toe following a systematic routine and uses whatever lubricant that the client gives him. I use an ayurvedic massage oil. The routine lasts an hour and it removes all the kinks from the body like nothing else does.

Ideally I would prefer to go for a full pizhichil treatment, but for that I have to go to the city and the commuting takes the pleasure out of it.
pizhichil 2

pizhichil 1

The trick is in having a steaming hot shower/bath immediately after the massage and after that, have a nice lunch and take a nap. When you wake up, you will feel like a zillion rupees. I guarantee that. Commuting, delays that post massage pleasure.

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Someone Needs To Work On Me.

Ursula, in her comments on my blog Balding And Spam, had this interesting thought at the end. “On a side note: Someone needs to start working on you, Ramana.”

In my book, a good thought deserves careful consideration and in this case a responsible response as well. So, here is my response after careful deliberation.

There are two types of work that needs to be done on me. Let me get the easier one out of the way first, work on my body.

I have had teams of surgeons, anesthetists, interns, nurses, and other specialists, work on two vital pieces of my body, my hips, on four occasions. On the last, they almost bid me final good bye, and I think that it was meant to be that I have a long distance betrothal in the future, that I did not oblige them.

Subsequently, I had an Orthopedist and and a Neurosurgeon work on my ulnar palsy for three months, just earlier this year.

On all five occasions, their efforts were supplemented by teams of physiotherapists who took perverse delight in working on me by putting me through impossible exercises. That they were inevitably very attractive young ladies, made the experience somewhat tolerable. My bald head did not influence their insistence on my following their orders.

Now, my GP is working on my weight reduction program with a vengeance.

Apart from all these worthies, I also have a choice to make from three excellent masseurs to work on my body every fortnight or so and that I survive them, is a measure of my body’s resilience.

To top it all, whenever my brain gets fried, I also regularly take what is known here as head massage from my barber on call at short notice.

So, a lot of people have worked on my body before and some continue to do so at regular intervals Ursula.

Let me now come to the second aspect of working on me. Parents, many teachers, my late mother in law, many well meaning friends and relatives, two spiritual teachers and most importantly, many bosses while I was in employment, have all tried very hard to work on my brain, without any success whatsoever.

Ursula, if you want to try, you will have to get into a very long queue of such well wishers. None of them are willing to give up despite my assuring them, that there is no brain to work on. Quite why they are not willing to believe me is beyond me.

Do you think that it could be my bald head?