How Notorious Are You?


I am grateful to Mitch for inspiring me to write this post. His original post can be seen here. I wonder if Mitch has a Dr. before his name!  Comments Mitch?

I was intrigued and I googled my name and was stunned at the amount of stuff there is about me in the internet. There are 234 entries that the search found and I am also advised that many more entries of similar nature to those shown have not been listed!

Quite whether I should be flattered or amazed or worried is something that is now occupying my attention.

Just for a lark, and to see what will happen, I googled for our friend Maynard, and I find that there are many similar sounding entries but not quite the same number as I had when I searched for my name. I concluded that since Maynard does not blog, he is not as notorious as I am and decided to test another name. Yes, you guessed it, Conrad. Now this is a surprise with 640 entries, Conrad easily beats me on the notoriety race, but the problem is that there are too many Conrads and Hakes, not quite our own featuring in there. If you really want to know how notorious Conrad is, please do not miss using the link that I have provided here for him.  You will be in for a big surprise!

My name is unusual with its peculiar spelling of the surname, and the combination of first and surnames also being very unusual. So Google is more focused in my case.

It was fun on a lazy Sunday afternoon to do this. May be you should too.