Another Instance Of Synchronicity.

My friend Megh had dropped in last evening and we lost track of time discussing various things till late. Around 9.30 pm we were discussing something for which the name of a company eluded me no matter how much I tried to recollect it.

I decided to call up my nephew Jai in Bengaluru and the first thing he asked was why I was up so late! I explained and asked him for the name which he promptly came up with much to my delight and relief. I thanked him and disconnected.

Further conversation was interrupted after just a couple of minutes by a phone call from Jai who again asked me the reason for my earlier phone call and I explained. He was in a state of some awe as he said that my earlier phone call to him had just gone to him while he was thinking of my late wife Urmeela. He was listening to some music which was her favourite too and he was remembering her. Receiving my phone call to him at exactly that moment was found by him to be eerie to say the least!

I told him that I was not surprised at all!