The Joy Of Giving.

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“We enjoy thoroughly only the pleasure that we give.”
~ Alexandre Dumas.

When I was a salesman in Central India, there was a particularly difficult customer from who collecting payments was tough. I suspect in retrospect, that he enjoyed the process as he would eventually make the payments. I made the process easier by once using word play which became legendary among salesmen in that part of the country. The customer’s name was Tekchand, a common Sindhi name meaning Rested Moon. On one occasion I just told him that he should change his name from Tekchand to Givechand which amused him a great deal. I don’t recollect him being joyful in making the payments, but he was more forthcoming from then on.

That is my friend Vimlu who features often in my gratitude posts, giving a toffee to another friend of mine Lavanya. Lavanya like many other children come to our neighbourhood park to play at the children’s corner, to reach which, they have to pass where Vimlu and the rest of our gang sit every evening after our walks.

Vimlu and her husband Chandru whose knee and quad cane can be seen in the photograph are famous among the children for being crazy enough to carry a box full of candy, toffee or eclairs to be given to children.

You can see the joy that Vimlu is experiencing but it is a pity that I could not get Chandru’s expression seeing the transaction. The two of them enjoy doing this every evening and the rest of us enjoy watching them.

There is an old lady mendicant, must be over 70, who comes every Sunday to our front gate and raises such a racket calling for me using fancy titles to persuade me to part with some alms. She knows that she will get it, but she enjoys the suspense till I come personally to give the alms to her and gets offended if any one else comes to do the same. I enjoy scolding her for raising such a racket before giving her the alms as does she in being scolded. There is great joy in that giving and banter with her.

I cannot think of anyone that I have come across who does not enjoy giving. Perhaps I have not looked hard enough, but that statement is a fact. The proverbial misers have luckily kept away from me and I have been very fortunate to see many people who genuinely enjoy giving.