Fun With Language 1.

This exchange in WhatsApp took place between my friend SD and me earlier today.

SD: This is a cake…Can anyone believe it!!!Great creativity…Paithani saree cake with Kolhapuri jewellery made by cake artist Tanvir Palishkar at J W Marriot Pune.Amazing talent,still can not believe this is a cake.🌹🌹🌹🌹👆👆👆👆

Me: Yes, it takes the cake!

For skeptics, here is a link to the Youtube clip showing the full range of saree cakes.

Learning Never Stops.

As my readers know, I spend a lot of time solving crossword puzzles. In the process, I learn a number of new words and phrases.

This one however is such a simple one but something that I had to wait for the next day to learn about that I wish to share with you.

The clue was “Intense exploitation of court shoes.”

I worked around the word to try and find but failed to complete it. I stopped at TENNI-S and gave up till the next day.

The word turned out to be TENNIES. I had never heard of or this word before and to verify went to the dictionary online to find this! Slang for tennis shoes.

Had you heard of this word in this context before?