My Baldness And Spam.

All my readers know that I am bald. Not quite totally, but sufficiently enough to be called a baldie. I have no problem with being bald and find it quite convenient to be so.

What intrigues me however is the fact that one spammer or perhaps more than one, has chosen to target me for a baldness cure enterprise.

Akismet caught seven spam comments on my post Miss. Tibet.

I unspammed all of them so that my readers can have a look at these very enlightening comments.

What intrigues me are the questions, how did they know that I am bald and why did they choose Miss Tibet as the post to spam on!

Miss Tibet.

“The Temporal World
Only the badly misinformed or the incurably optimistic could think bikinied girls synonymous with Dharamshala. And if a Miss Tibet contest in that high sanctum wasn’t tastless enough, sashing a 17-year-old (Tenzin Yangkyi, far left) surely is.” [sic]

This comment appeared in one of our popular weekly magazines Outlook. The same magazine on its web edition of last year had this story.

The print edition news of this year’s contest had this photograph above the quoted passage.

I can see no reason whatsoever for the change in the editorial policy of the magazine from last year to this year. If a Tibetan up in the Indian Himalayas wants to compete in and win a Miss Tibet contest, I say, all strength to her.

I think that the quote regarding the Miss Tibet of 2011 being tastless [sic] is in very poor taste.