The Lost Mobile Phone – II

I hope that my readers will remember my posting about losing my mobile phone and all that I had to do to protect myself from possible misuse of the lost phone.

Suddenly this morning, I received a call from a friend with some good news. Someone had rung up my friend using the last-call-made-number registered in the hand set to inform about finding the handset and offering to return the same. My friend took down the details and passed it on to me and I rang up the gentleman who came home to deliver the same to me. I insisted on compensating him for the conveyance expenses and the trouble taken by him, which he finally and with much reluctance accepted.

I am actually surprised to get the hand set back. It was obviously taken by someone from the rickshaw and lost again at the local railway station from where it was found. It is most gratifying that there are decent people still around who take the trouble to find the owner of lost property and return it. Is it any surprise that the gentleman is a member of the Home Guards?

While I am very happy that the handset has been returned, I will now have to go back to the police station to report having found the phone.