Solution Before The Problem – II

Back again to some serious stuff. I confess that I made an error in judgment about the new American judgment in my earlier post here. It is worth reading my response to Delirious about what I believed was the new administrations agenda on Pakistan.

I had not anticipated such rapid developments on Pakistan and on day 1 President Obama has ruffled feathers in Pakistan and the cat and mouse games have started all over again. Our leading newspaper in Western India, the Times of India catches the nuances quite well and I urge my American friends to give some time to this article.

I also request my American friends to read this post by my friend Jerry Davich in his blog. This is also a case, unusual for its novelty value to keep track of a politicians promises and his ability or willingness to deliver on them. I hope to start something like this in India come next elections for our national parliament, just three months away. Here is a case of the solution being presented before the problem becomes one! Just citizens monitoring action!!