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Say wind in India and the two monsoons come to mind. The South West Monsoon and the North East Monsoon. Both are India’s lifelines and if either or both fail, we have major problems till the next monsoon.
havaban harde
Another use for the word wind is of course the common passing of wind which is a natural phenomenon but which raises laughter whenever it is mentioned. In India various native remedies are used to relieve stubborn wind unwilling to leave one’s system and this is one of the famous ones called hava ban harde.

And the winds of change that song talks about came about with very significant impact on mankind, but new developents have brought back the old cynicism. And where has that idealism gone?

There are of course winds of change that currently occupy everyone’s mind like the Climate change, Income inequality, Arab Spring, The Ukrainian revolution the LGBT revolution and so on so forth but some very odd trends that would appear to have some serious impact on society in the future are the following.

Male victims of domestic violence.

The sexual revolution in Europe.

Women’s lib in Africa.

And men are suddenly feeling threatened!

There are some other developments that can be included here but I leave it to the imagination of my readers to decide on those topics now that I have given a pointer to how my mind views winds of change.

Lastly let me use the word wind again to wind up this post or should it be wind down?
winding down


The Cozy Minimalist, who would prefer that I do not use upper case letters at all in her name, has a post up on her blog talking about various smells that bring back memories for her.

I commented there as. “The olfactory perception can trigger memories like nothing else does. The recent trip that I made down South did precisely that for me and on a few occasions my relatives thought that I was bananas going on and on about some memories like sun dried clothes, special dishes cooking in the kitchen, smell from the neighbourhood bakery / restaurant and most of all, infants smelling of baby talcum powder.”

kickm3I feel like kicking myself for omitting the most vibrant smell of them all.  The smell of rain water on dry earth.

We had our last rain in September at the end of the monsoon and since then it has been dry.  Our garden has been watered everyday from the water mains but today, as I write this, we are having the first of our few winter showers.  I woke up from my siesta to the smell and sound of falling rain.  What an experience! Priceless.

2014-01-24 15.58.47 2014-01-24 15.58.59

I wish I could share the sound and the smell with my readers.

Ah, for the simple pleasures of life.


Global warming and Climate change are two terms interchangeably used and or used to establish a cause effect relationship. I am not very well versed in this phenomenon but something that has been happening this year makes me want to learn more about it, and rather than interrupt what I am in the process of learning now, I shall save it for the immediate post surgery period in October.

In Maharashtra in India where I live, the rains traditionally should have left with the Visarjan festival which was on the 11th inst. As I write this, it is raining cats and dogs and the photograph on top and the one below are of the rain’s intensity in my small garden today. Our press reports that the monsoon has not withdrawn as usual, and is expected to continue till the end of September.

My regular reader, known to other readers as Cheerful Monk, has had forest fire followed by flash floods which caused much damage to her property. The Eastern Sea Board of the USA was lashed with hurricanes and the UK and Ireland have been lashed with high winds and rain the last two days. Texas is still experiencing bush fires due to drought conditions. In all these places, I have friends who have been affected one way or the other.

In Pakistan and North and North Eastern parts of India floods have been playing havoc and causing loss of lives and crops/property. Pakistan particularly has been experiencing much damage for the second year running.

My personal experience the last three years has been very erratic behaviour of the seasons in India and particularly where I live.

I believe that something needs to be done but as with most important matters regarding our earth and its inhabitants, politics plays an important part and I have decided to let events unfold and merely be a spectator. I suppose that I can afford to take that stance as unlike Cheerful Monk, I haven’t lost anything. Yet.

Mula-Mutha River – II

Earlier this month, on the 2nd of August I had written about the river on the bank of which our township is located.

I had an occasion to cross the second bridge on that post this morning. This is what it looked like earlier this month.

And this is what the Mula-Mutha looked like this morning.

Incessant rains have played havoc in some parts of our city and some families have had to be evacuated.

The rains continue and hopefully will start abating from this week.