Beauty. “அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்.”

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In Tamil, which is my mother tongue, we have a beautiful proverb;

“Agathin Azhagu Mugathil Theriyum” “அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்.
Inner beauty can be seen in the face (literal)
Face is the index of the mind.

Beauty today is a multi-billion dollar industry.  Why?  Because, both men and women have been brainwashed by direct and subliminal promotion not to be satisfied with the way nature intended them to be.  Let me for instance quote a very famous statement from one of the industry’s pioneering stars, Charles Revson  “In the factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope.”  Hope for what? To look unnatural?

It is a measure of our values that we have come to a stage when what I think is silly has become a major trend leading to bulimia and anorexia among young girls. While there are many other such motivating factors, this must be the silliest yet, for its sheer unimportance.  I am talking about the Thigh Gap Obsession which is turning out young girls looking like praying mantises.

If that is the latest for women, for men in India, it is this.

Give me beauty like these two any day.
Mother Teresa
Dalai-Lama-006Just look at the beauty. They don’t need cosmetics or plastic surgery or fair and lovely cream for men.