Humour Earns New Friends.

My father, himself a Homeopath wanted some medicines and I strolled up to the local Homeopathy medicine retailer, run by a husband and wife team of Homeopaths.

This shop had opened up just a couple of years ago and has enabled the locals to source their homeopathy medicines from close by, instead of going to the city to do so. It is a nice compact little place, but not very comfortable to sit and wait for the medicines to be dispensed.

This time around, I was second to be waited on and the first one was a young mother picking up various things for her infant and consulting the doctor on various matters. As I am wont to, and since I knew the young lady, I kept teasing her and the atmosphere was quite relaxed and casual.

After I had finished my transactions with the couple, the lady doctor suddenly asked me if I was Ranjan’s father. On being confirmed, she said that for a while, she had been wanting to ask that question as normally Ranjan would come with the unique hand written prescription that my father writes on the back of used envelops. Ranjan normally runs errands for his grand father, and I had not been there since last June. On being answered in the affirmative, she further added that they keep seeing Ranjan near their residence too. Ranjan often visits his friends Karen and Yadu, their neighbours.

With that background, the lady asked me some more details about our home and I could not resist the temptation to quip that our home consisted of three motherless children, all bachelors and it was a comfortable place to be as there was no woman to bug us.

The husband, quietly handling the packing of the medicines and toting up the bill suddenly burst out laughing and insisted on shaking my hands. The poor lady, was taken aback a bit, but smartly recovered and joined in in the laughter.

I made a couple of new friends and more importantly, they have now offered to keep the medicines ready for me if I would telephone ahead. This would enable me to avoid the uncomfortable sitting around to get the prescriptions filled.