Saturday Treat.


It is not often that we get to see British films and somehow I seem to have been getting to see some in the recent past without deliberately setting out to do so. I recently reviewed Philomena and earlier today I got to see another British film ROCKnROLLA.

This could not be more different than Philomena but was pleasantly entertaining. It brings in London’s seamy side with some very interesting characterisations and very subdued violence, which is much less jarring than the Quentin Tarantino variety to which I have been recently exposed to quite a bit.

So, can one then say that British films are also trying to show the understated characters that the British are reputed to be?

Whatever the case may be, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film but hesitate to give it a full six stars because I was unable to follow some of the dialogues, no doubt due to my unfamiliarity with the nuances of the London underground.