Out Of The Blue.

Out of the blue

Knowing my interest and involvement with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) my cousin Damu who has eclectic taste in reading, recommended that I read this book. I take his recommendations very seriously as he is quite finnicky and I have just finished reading this remarkable book.

The author has remarkable knowledge about the disease and her heroine afflicted with it goes through the story with insights that are simply outstanding.

The story itself is straightforward but the complex characters that appear in it are not and they are portrayed so well that I suspect the author to be either a psychologist or a sociologist or as is so often the case now a days, both.

Romance is not a genre of fiction that I am normally comfortable with. In this case however I am glad that I took Damu’s recommendation seriously and bought and read the novel. A very good way to start my tryst with fiction that I have promised myself to indulge in for some time.

I only wish that I had had read this when I was associated with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India some years ago. I would have had more insights into some of the problems that patients and their caregivers faced.

Since there is absolutely nothing negative that I can think of about the book I give it a [rating=6] rating and recommend it to my readers who are looking to read a love story with a real big difference.