Tumhari Sulu.

My regular readers know that Vidya Balan is a favourite actor of mine and that was the only reason I went to see Tumhari Sulu. I had never heard of any of the other persona involved in the making of this film. It is not their fault though, as I am a relatively new comer to the world of Hindi films. I was therefore, pleasantly surprised to see some excellent acting from the entire cast, no doubt under the super direction of the director. With some nimble photography mostly within a small flat/apartment to support, the technical output is beyond reproach.

Vidya Balan in this role is like many bubbly, enthusiastic women we come across in our daily lives who are also subject to the kind of familial pressures/criticisms that the film brings in to bring out Vidya’s character. She does this brilliantly and carries the entire film on her shoulders. To that extent, I was not disappointed.

What disappointed me was the sudden twist that the story takes from being a kind of comic/serious portrayal of a middle class family of Mumbai suddenly coming to grips with male insecurity, patriarchy, juvenile delinquency, unreasonable school disciplining etc resulting in a twist to a very interesting story that eventually falls flat on its face.

I would still recommend this movie to the fans of Vidya Balan for her versatility and portrayal of a woman who is like many ordinary women that we come across in our daily lives.