Multi-isms Of My Motherland

I came across a very interesting blog this morning, called the Holy Cow, while I was surfing. The blogger has quoted Dr. Salman Akhtar as follows and it is worth reading and cherishing. I am grateful to the Holy Cow for this wonderful quotation.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

“India also has philosophical and aesthetic traditions that are truly majestic in their scope and depth. These range from Vedanta’s unifying existentialism to Ghalib’s playful symbolism, from Bhagavad Gita’s enlightened pragmatism to Gandhi’s unflinching pacifism, from Khajuraho’s informed hedonism to Kathakali’s narrative corporealism, from Buddha’s contemplative realism to Tagore’s spiritual lyricism, from Nanak’s divine eclecticism to Nehru’s sophisticated secularism, and from Kabir’s poetic mysticism to Rushdie’s sardonic surrealism”

– Dr. Salman Akhtar,
Gifted writer and poet, exceptional orator.
Also, a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist.
in ‘Freud Along the Ganges- Psychoanalytic Reflections on the People and Culture of India’