During the lockdown, many activities have been suspended for the good of the general public. There are however some stupid people who think that they can beat the system and do things that they should not be doing in the interest of safety.

One such character recently sent me a message on WhatsApp boasting about going for a jaunt with some friends after very careful planning. I quote him.

“We left home at five in the morning, to take advantage of the police nakabandi*  shift change timings to avoid harassment, and reached xxxxxx by around 6 o’clock, loafed around and were back at home at 8 O’clock refreshed and ready to take on the world.”

If he thought that he would impress me, he was in for a rude shock. I responded with:

It is for such people that someone has come up with a new word which is the title for this post.

* A Police barricade at strategic points to check vehicles and people from going about for non essential purposes.