How is today’s world compared to the 21st century you imagined as a child?

This is a very difficult post for me to write on as I simply did not dream of a 21st Century as a child.

My dreaming of any kind of future as a child was to dream about some toy or game that I was promised by one of my parents or a very dear uncle.

As a school going teenager, I dreamt of finishing school and getting out of the discipline that it entailed. Since I was in the Naval Wing of our National Cadet Corps, I thought that a way out of further studying was to join the Indian Navy and that is what I tried to do immediately after I wrote the last examination for the School Finals. My dream was shattered when I failed the Medical Test due to my myopia.

Then I simply stopped dreaming about the future and got busy surviving on a day to day basis. I have written about somethings that just happened to me that propelled me into a corporate career which landed me up finally in Pune where I have been living for the past more than thirty years very comfortably and without dreaming about any kind of future.

The last couple of things that I had dreamed of were to go on an all India motoring trip with my late wife and living in a farm house, both of which fell through due to her illness and prolonged need for home nursing.

These existential realities brought me into the 21st Century with a determination not to dream at all about the future and accept what comes with gratitude and joy and that attitude has given me a comfortable and peaceful life till now.

I hope that my readers will now understand why I started off this post with “This is a very difficult post for me to write on…”

The fact remains that the 21st Century that I see now is vastly different from the time when I was a child all of seventy plus years ago.  In retrospect, I still go all nostalgic for those days.  Typical of ancient specimens like me and perhaps even my two cohorts who will also be writing on the same topic today.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 3 On 1 blog posts where Conrad, Shackman and I write on the same topic. Today’s topic has been suggested by Conrad. Please do go over to the other two blogs to see what they have to say on the same topic. Thank you.

Sunday In The Park With George.

A mysterious topic for the LBC from Lin which will be solved when I get to read her post eventually. I am unusually late in posting this because I had been preoccupied with a number of domestic chores besides being saddled for most of the day with a very slow internet connection. I am now relatively free from chores and the internet speed is back up to par and so let me finish this very pleasant task before it becomes Saturday.

Let me first tackle the park. In my life there is a park that plays a very significant role in my social activities as well giving me a place to go for my constitutionals. This park was originally developed into what it promised to be and became by considerable social work by the citizens committee of our neighbourhood. All of us put in a lot of labour clearing brush and developing the gardens while also planting many trees in what was originally fallow farm land.
joggerspark 1
joggerspark 2

Our Residents Association is still very active in seeing that the park is maintained properly by the Municipal Authorities by proper liaisoning and even voluntary work when needed. Naturally we are all very proud of the park which has been nominated as the best park in our city.

Now coming to George, my first George was Chennai’s Fort St. George.  As a young Boy Scout and subsequently as a Cadet of the National Cadet Corps, there were many visits that we were made to undertake to this great landmark of the city.  It gave me great pleasure to take my son and daughter in law a couple of years ago to show them this too.

The next George in my life came when I was admitted for a few months to The St. George’s Grammar School, Hyderabad where I learnt a motto which has inspired me ever since – “Perseverantia Omnia Vincit!”  (Perseverance Conquers All Things!)

And there was my classmate for two years in Business School who continues to be a good friend even after half a century, P M George who I affectionately called the Post Master General because of his initials.

When George visited me in Pune, I was recovering from a surgery and was unable to show off our park which is something that I do with all visitors from out of town.

I hope that Lin finds my take on the topic as interesting as I am very likely to find hers.

Ps. After writing this post it was brought to my notice that there is a Musical of the same title.  I am sure that Lin is likely to write on that but even had I known about it before I wrote my post, I would have still approached the topic the same way as I did.