Commonlaw Wives, High Heels and Neck Ties.

Our blog friend Nick from nickherendnow posts some very interesting blogs and generates a great deal of discussion on them.

He wrote about two very topical subjects recently, one on a Common Law Wife and her struggles to get a settlement from her late partner’s estate and the other about the dress code of many employers requiring ladies to wear high heel shoes.

I visit Nick’s blog religiously and try and make some comment and these two topics have been in my mind because of their impact in the Indian context. Recently, there has been a lot of newspaper coverage arising out of a High Court judgment where a live in partner has been given the same rights as a wife. Among the other issues, the issue of Indian men of non Hindu religious background committing bigamy has also come to the forefront with this development.

I have a personal interest in the issue due to various reasons, but not as some of you may conclude because I am a bigamist! Far from it. I believe that any bigamist needs his examined first before any moral stand is taken for or against it.
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Nick’s first post apparently is of topical interest elsewhere in the UK too as can be seen in this article by Christina Patterson in the Independent.

My problem with the high heels is also similar to that of Nick’s. I have seen many Indian women, now wearing western style clothes as part of their uniforms in the hospitality industry, travel and some other occupations, which is grotesque to say the least. They do not seem to be able to walk properly with high heels and appear as though they may fall any moment. India being India, with just a walk being an obstacle race, I think that this is silly, and I hope that Gaelikaa will chip in here with her comments.

Strangely enough, Christina talks about the problem of high heels also in the same article.


Are we in for a revolution in dress code? Many people are coming out against the neck tie for instance, and I for one am all for abolishing the silly useless piece of cloth and abolishing the high heel foot wear, except for very short people, may just be the tandem development from the lady’s point of view. I know for one that Jean will be among the first to concur with both suggestions, as can be seen in this very amusing post of hers, where unfortunately she looks at the neck tie and jacket phenomenon, but not the high heels one from the female point of view. If only she had a female model to illustrate, perhaps she will post another one. Any volunteers?