First Time Travelling Abroad Alone.


No, nothing quite like that happened to me but I had to face some serious grilling and roasting from one of the persons that I had gone to see nevertheless. The other person that I had gone to meet however provided me with some enjoyable experiences which I cherish till date.


The visit was to Katmandu in Nepal in December 1973. It was cold, damp and most depressing. My primary purpose was to meet up with and appoint a lawyer to handle a sensitive trade mark matter. A local entrepreneur had locally registered a trademark owned by my then employers and was sending goods bearing that trademark into the Indian markets. Our Trademark Attorneys in India had recommended a local lawyer and my visit was to meet with him and do whatever was necessary to put a stop to the infringement. From the minute we met at the hotel where I was staying, the two of us hit it off and he remains a friend till today. He ably organised the various things that needed to be done at Kathmandu before lunch and escorted me around on a sight seeing tour for the rest of the day. He kindly invited me to his home for dinner and I got to meet his entire family who were very gracious hosts.

Since I was already at Kathmandu, I met up with our wholesaler there the next morning and that is where I got my roasting and grilling for a full hour and a half. I was ready to call it quits and leave when the proprietor shifted gears and became a very gracious host and the rest of the day and the next was spent with him visiting customers and end users. He too invited me to his home and I was treated like royalty by the entire family. Substantial quantities of local fiery rum was consumed during the entire visit to keep the cold out! I was also escorted to a cloth shop where suitable material was chosen, taken to a tailor to fit me up with the local dress combination of Daura-Suruwal, which was made, tried on and finished before I left Kathmandu. I was also gifted with two beautiful Nepali caps and a bottle of the fiery rum to take back to India.

All in all, a productive and enjoyable visit except for the unusual for December weather. I however enjoyed clear and beautiful weather the next two visits I made later.

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Dharma Sangha.

My young guest Jason has just returned from a trip to Nepal where he claims that he had an awesome experience. Due to a series of unplanned for developments, he was more of less pulled towards this experience and it was fascinating to listen to him tell me all about it.

Basically, it was all about his face to face meeting with the Dharma Sangha who is also called the Buddha Boy. I was quite skeptical but when I went to the website that Jay suggested that I go to, I found some amazing leads.

I am spending time learning as much about him as I can. For those so inclined, I recommend that they visit the website and proceed as they would do when wanting to learn somethings from it. The two links given here could start you off too, on this fascinating story.