Being Seduced.


Okay, I am taking a very serious article to make a flippant point, and I hope that my readers will forgive me my flippancy.  The lady in this article deserves and gets all my sympathy but there is a side to the story that I need to address.

Why is it that if there are women like this, not one has ever seduced me or even tried to seduce me?

Okay, someone like one of my regular readers who I hesitate to name, is likely to turn around and ask me if I have seduced women like this woman has seduced men, and my answer is a categorical no.  In making that statement, let me hasten to add that I go by the definition of the word seducing as “Attract someone to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy.” (OED)

So, the next question then will be following that definition, will I still be interested in being seduced?  At my present stage of physical and mental development, the answer will have to be no, but perhaps say two or three decades ago, the answer would have been a resounding yes.

And about the little sticker on the top left, I leave you to decide whether I am a gentleman or not.

What about you dear reader?


Matrimonial Advertisements.

In India, Classified Matrimonial Advertisements is a particularly important source of revenue for all newspapers.  All Sunday issues will have a few pages dedicated to this one area.  Here is a sample of a page in our Hindustan Times.


Ranjan and I were sitting and having a man to man chat last evening when Ranjan received a phone call from one of his friends who was trying to help a foreigner decipher some Punjabi matrimonial ads. Ranjan was asked as to what NM at the end of such ads meant and I was asked as he did not know. I did not either and I rang up the only Punjabi friend that I could think of Teji and asked him the same and I was promptly told that it stood for Non Mangalik. When I shared this information with Ranjan’s friend, he wanted to know more about Mangala Dosha and I had to explain that too.


A while later, we received another call asking what DU stood for and this one was easy. It was to indicate that the bride or the groom obtained a degree from the Delhi University as opposed to the less preferred universities of the Punjab.

Phew, again!

And then, as my synchronicity does repeatedly, I was drawn to this story in the New York Times. Please read it fully and the video is exceptionally good too.