Old Men!

Tammy has just reviewed a film that she saw recently and the review is typically Tammy. I had promised her that depending on her review of the film I would spend some money to get a DVD but find that neither the DVD nor the Blueray version has been released yet.

I hope to see it in a theater if they release it here but will most certainly get the book on which the film is based immediately.

Incidentally, I had reviewed another film based on hiking in the USA called Wild. In that case, I had seen the film starring Reese Witherspoon first and then bought the book.  I was not disappointed with either choice.  I hope that with A Walk In The Woods too, I won’t be. Just to keep my interest alive, the movie has Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, both my favourite actors, in it and I look forward to it anyway.

And to lighten up this post which is getting to be a bit serious here is something that people of my vintage will appreciate.

Senior Citizens