Namastey /Phishing Mail.

I received this mail today in my inbox.

Both the brothers mentioned in the mail are currently in jail and are expected to
remain there for a mighty long time while the trial takes its own time. Many people have been affected by various shenanigans of the now notorious siblings and the company itself has been bought over by a large Indian group and is reportedly doing very well.

I reproduce the phishing mail here to state what to me is obvious. It is from a Nigerian. Any difference of opinions?

“From: “Mrs.Radha Ramalinga”
Date: 6 February 2010 2:31:18 AM GMT+05:30
Subject: Namastey


My name is Radha Ramalinga,I am the wife of Rama Ramalinga,the younger brother of Byrraju Ramalinga Raju,former chairman,founder and owner of Satyam Computers.

I do have a proposal for you,which would be of immense financial benefits to you and I.

My husband and his brother are currently in big trouble in India,I need your assistance to help me move some funds from Holland to India or anywhere where it would at least be of some help to our family.

I would give you more details of this proposal if you show yourself willing to take on it,I assure you that you would most certainly be compensated but please I would kindly request you to keep this matter confidential.

I am currently here in the UK where it is a bit safe for me and my kids.

You can reach me on my personal email id which is

Yours sincerely,