You’ve Got Mail.

Mail_When I wrote the following comment on Alan’s post The “5-Star” Movie Trilogy…. “I did not know that one of my favourite movies, You’ve Got Mail is actually a remake of earlier movies with the same theme. I would also go with your rating for this film with a 5 star. In fact, this post has just inspired me to send for a DVD copy so that I can see it again. Thank you.” I did not imagine that I would be seeing this old movie so soon.

After posting that comment I ordered for the DVD and it was delivered in two days.  I was able to see it at home again and this time in the company of Manjiree who had seen bits and pieces of it earlier.

It was certainly worth seeing the movie again after all these years, if not for anything else but for the sheer joy of seeing the bubbly version of Meg Ryan whose histrionic skills were on demonstration again.  One need not write anything about the other actor Tom Hanks who brings life to any role that he plays. And of course there is the very large presence of Nora Ephron.

This is one of those movies made with very few actors and just a few major locations but with imagination and some excellent editing.  Alan has given a five star to it but I would do so only with some hesitation as I think that the grand father / father / son and the younger generation comedy could have been handled much better.