Stenographers And Secretaries.

I am semi active in one social network which is due to some people very close to me using that network to blog and leave comments on the posts of people in our network.

This morning, I suddenly got an alert that someone had commented on a post that I had written more than a year ago, for the network. I went to see that comment and was flooded with nostalgia.

This article was written much before I decided to launch because, at that particular moment, one of my old Secretaries had contacted me for some personal work and I was musing about the ‘good old days’!

I hope that you will read the old post. I would however appreciate any comments that you may want to make being made here. Thank you.

Willy-nilly, I got involved with the commentator through her new post which has been a remarkable one, talking about her experience as a wife of a surgeon. I hope to persuade her to let me blog about her post too anon.