Older Men, Take Heart. Older Women, Take The Advise.

What has happened to the Grand Old Man as Ashok so endearingly calls him? Did something happen to him on his long week end off?

No, dear readers nothing happened. He is still quite all there, at least he thinks he is.

Let me whet your appetite with the quotation from a very interesting article that I read today.

“My experience of younger men has found them to be incurably addicted to unrealistic romance. It’s quaint, but it isn’t sexy. If I wanted the doe-eyed affections of a younger man I would get myself a puppy. No thanks, I’d much prefer a seasoned panther.”

This is an older woman talking about younger men and why she finds it strange that older women seem to be chasing younger men! I was of course immediately reminded of Grannymar and her toyboys. I never was able to convince her the same way as this lady in this article from the Independent does.

All my male readers, minus just three, Ashok, Sandeep and Sundar, are older men and all my female readers are also older women. So, I want to share this article with all of you and seek your responses to this observation. I also hope that some reader will find something similar about younger women and older men!

Incidentally, the cougar referred to in the article apparently refers to a popular Television Reality Show of older women dating younger men.