What Frustrated You Most Last Week And Why.

A friend recommended that I read a book on India that he felt would be of great interest to me. I went online to find some reviews and was convinced that I would indeed be interested and so went online again to purchase it.

First I tried Amazon, and then two other online book sellers with no success.

I went back to the book’s reviews to find out the publisher’s name and was relieved that it was published by an organisation with a branch in Pune. With some difficulty and the help of another friend I located the telephone number of the shop and rang them up to find that they do not have it in stock either. I was further adviced to get it from Chennai where the head office was located and I went back online to find that they had a website. I could not find any way to order a copy on line but was lucky enough to find a link to send feed back to them.

In the feedback mechanism I expressed my difficulty and sent the message off. Within half an hour, I received a message from them guiding me as to how to order online and I was finally able to order online.

You would think that the story would end there. No, it does not. The seller would not accept payment via my bank and so I had to opt for a credit card payment which I never use for online purchases. I then found that they would not accept Master Cards and my Visa card is under replacement procedure so I had to use my son’s Visa card.

No, the story does not end there either. The payment portal was having some problems loading and despite a number of attempts I was unable to make payment. The next day, I tried again and failed so I used the feedback mechanism again to send a message to the seller that its payment portal was not functioning.

Finally, two days after the whole story started, I was able to order and pay for the book which now the seller informs me is on its way to me.

Do I really need to continue as to why I was frustrated?

The topic for today’s 2 on 1 post is from fellow blogger Shackman. Please do go and see what he has to say on the same topic here.


Since I started my official working life from when I was just 18 years old, by the time I was 40, I had planned on retiring when I reached 50. I was able to at the age of 52 but after just a short time in retirement, I was pulled out to work for three years on an assignment. Subsequently too, during blissful retirement days, I was pulled out on three different occasions.

Be that as it may, I have now been in full retirement for the past nine years and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am now too old to be pulled out of retirement again.

My retirement timing has coincided with India’s exposure to the internet, mobile telephony, multiplex cinemas, movies on DVDs etc, and online shopping. This enables me to live quite an active life with constant touch with friends and relatives as well as visits to and from them.

Online shopping enables me to buy DVDs, books and kindle downloads which ensures that I have enough to keep me entertained when I am not busy with my reading of newspapers, magazines and solving crossword puzzles.

The internet exposed me to to the blogging world and I have been actively blogging now for nine years. I have slowed down to just one post a week to keep the LBC weekly blog posts going, but I intend correcting that to increase the frequency to at least three blogs per week soon.

Blogging and visiting other blogs has introduced me to some wonderful blogger friends and that is another advantage of living a retired life which enables me to find the time to indulge.

You can see what the other LBC blogger Shackman has to say about retirement in his blog. The topic for this week was suggested by me.

Gratitude List – January 21, 2012

I was reminded on Saturday about Sunday being an auspicious day for us by my cousin. I had clean forgotten about that as on that day, we normally prepare a special dish which otherwise would not have been made. Later, Aishwarya on a short visit to Pune decided to wake me up from my siesta to request whether she could visit. Had she not done that, I would have slept through the entire afternoon! She did come and challenged my intellect enough for me to decide to forgo my evening walk. She also grandly announced that she has brought some goodies from Ahmedabad and she would see that I get them on Sunday.

My net friend led me to a book which I could not get in the kindle version but the search for which led me to another fascinating book on receiving which, I almost stopped all other work. I went to it later in the night and I was happy to have bought it.

Just as I was winding down for the night, my father developed serious breathing trouble and was in considerable discomfort. Luckily Ranjan was around and as usual our GP suggested a course of action that was followed after Ranjan went to the chemist and procured the medicines. My father settled down in better shape than when the problem started and all three of us had a peaceful night after midnight.

I did get around to getting Pongal, the special dish made for our Thai Pongal. You can read more about the festival here too.

On Sunday, an old friend who dropped out of view some ten years ago, suddenly reappeared through the good offices of a mutual friend. Shakti, a feisty and ebullient personality of the Osho Ashram was a frequent visitor to our place but after the death of Osho disappeared from view. It was nice to get back in touch with her.

A dear friend in the USA and I have been in correspondence on a matter of spiritualism for some time now. On Sunday I decided to gift him with a book published in India and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could source it at Amazon to be shipped to him in the USA. Indian online stores don’t ship overseas. I am grateful that I could sit at a computer and arrange for this instead of purchasing locally and sending by post or courier which would have been quite a chore as well as far more expensive.

Since I was quite concerned about my father’s condition, I thought it prudent to stay at home with him the whole of Monday. This gave me enough time to read and sort out some other home matters. Luckily, my father stayed stable and rested well.

On Tuesday, my father’s condition improved quite a bit and I took him to the doctor for a check up. Everything is back to normal though he has to take some medicines for a few days. Since he was stable, I was also able to go to the dentist to get my tooth capped. One bridge is damaged and I need to get that done next week! I had enough confidence in his ability to be alone at home and went to the park for my evening walk and meeting with friends. Vimlu was going to the chemist and readily acceded to my request to get some medicines saving me a trip.

My annual tryst with a cold that eluded me last year, came back with a vengeance on Wednesday and laid me low. Luckily, Ranjan and Yakob were able to handle some urgent chores. I was also able to solve a problem for my father by pulling strings on the telephone.

Thursday was bad too with the cold intensifying but other things to be grateful for happened. I was able to get a lead to two old friends from my sister in law with who I had a very long telecon catching up with my late wife’s side of the family. I also received some payments from my principals which was very welcome indeed.

On Friday, the cold intensified further and I was quite listless. The saving grace was the very welcome phone calls from two of my colleagues from two decades ago who called to invite me to a get together in Bengaluru. It gave me an opportunity to catch up with news of many of my old colleagues and was in particular very gratified that I had been given a wrong message about the passing away of one of them, who turned out to be alive and kicking!

I have a great friend in the grand daughter of my neigbour and I was able to cook up one of her favourite dishes which surprised her on her return from school. She promptly sat down at her study desk and made out a thank you card:

She also gifted me with a plaster of paris Angel, hand crafted by her for a Refrigerator Magnet! I am unable to reproduce it here, but it is quite a work of art!

The boredom of inactivity due to the cold was somewhat mitigated by Ranjan getting some light reading stuff from our club’s library.

All in all, a mixed bag of days but much to be thankful for nevertheless.