One never stops learning. During my recent vacation there were so many new things that I learnt that I made up my mind to be more outgoing in the future. One such new discovery was didgeridoo.

I had never heard about didgeridoo. During my recent visit to Chennai, my cousin’s son in law Lokesh came over to spend some time with us. It was the first time that I was meeting him and I asked him about his interests and he came up with the word didgeridoo that stumped me. He went back home and returned with a didgeridoo to play it for me and here it is.

Lokesh is a very interesting young man. He is an IT professional who claims to be totally undisciplined. On probing however he confessed to having learnt to play the didgeridoo all on his own by just watching others play it on the youtube and experimenting with various techniques. For an undisciplined young man that is some achievement! Here he is caught unawares. Do you think that he is undisciplined?

Among other things that he impressed me with was his passion for open source software. I had of course heard about this but Lokesh took pains to explain what it is and why he is such an evangelist about it. I have promised him that I will try and learn to use it.

Lokesh, thank you for all the new knowledge and that very entertaining evening. I am looking forward to talking to you about your Pune visit soon.