Good News After A Long Time.

A number of well wishers have been after me to reduce my weight. I too wish to. It simply does not seem to happen. All the resolutions that I make and keep get broken due to some reason or the other and I keep starting all over again.

Some times I wonder if it is worth the bother. Particularly when apart from the aesthetic aspect of me, all other parameters like cholesterol, blood pressure, etc are in perfect condition. I can always tell myself that the aesthetic aspect is a matter of opinion of brainwashed ignoramuses who think that a man should like like Tom Cruise. Gaelikaa and I had a grand discussion about this and at the end I concluded that my attraction lies in my bank balance and so what difference does it make anyway? She, being very loyal of course, disagreed that it was perfectly alright to look like me, an older version of Big Burly Burl Ives in his heydays. Before laughter could subside, my cousin Vignesh piped in to say that I am a shoo-in for Sean Connery. Good Lord! Vignesh has not possibly seen a full length version of old Sean who is now busy re-creating Scotland into Caledonia and hopes to become the Bruce!

With such endearing fans and encouragement, I decided not to be unduly worried about my weight any more and look what happens! Overweight elderly live longer! Not that I want to live even one day longer than the good Lord has planned for me, but it is nice to know that what is implied in the article is that it is perfectly alright to be overweight and elderly. What better news for a lazy man?