Living Memorials.

My friend  SG’s father had passed away quite a few years ago and the mother was living alone in Pune before she too passed away last year.   SG and his wife DD were unable to attend the funeral  last year as, they were stuck in the UK, unable to get out due to Covid restrictions.

SG’s cousin AG had come down to Pune to handle the details under trying conditions but, managed to do everything well.

Both DD and SG are now in Pune on a short visit before they return to the UK and went to a friend’s hill top denuded, to be reclaimed, barren land to plant two trees in memory of SG’s parents.
The seedling on the left is a Paarijaat and the one on the right is an Ashoka.

I think that this is a remarkable way to remember departed dear ones and recommend this to all my readers.

I intend requesting my son to do the same when I am gone.