I went to see this film with great expectation because it had Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in it. I skipped my daily siesta to go for the matinee 3.00 pm show and I wish that I had not.

Both stars come up with good performances but the story line simply is too simple and the plot rather insipid for them to resuscitate the film from being a drag.

To add to my misery, the pre show coffee was not available as the machine had conked out and I was given the worst tea that I have ever had the misfortune to drink.  The saving grace was the papri chaat after the show which again was rather a rushed affair as the air conditioning in the mall was not working and it was suffocating.

Pity that the multiplexes do not have a money back guarantee scheme for me to have got into some exchange of mails.  I would give just [rating=2] for this avoidable film.