A Remarkable Surprise.

Fellow LBC blogger Lin who blogs at Dun-Na-Sead came up with this remarkable piece of writing as comments on my blog Have A Bit Of Fun and it gives me great pleasure to share it with my readers who may not get to see her comments.

The Rosy dawn had barely aRRived , when Ramana called his faithful Racoon Ranjan from his lair under the Red maple tree.
Come Ranjan, we must be off.
Ranjan affectionately cuffed his wife Ramani, called Muffin, goodbye, and waddled out of his den.
They were off on another adventure.
Watching them, Ramana smiled.
And attaching Ranjan’s Royal blue lead, Ramana starting packing his Rucksack:
Some Rum, some cold biRyani, and a package of top raman noodles, (they would save the Rasam for their supper)
With foresight, he added a copy of Rapunzel, Ranjan’s favorite, and of Run Lola Run, in case someone had a DVD player when they arrived.
And of course a round-necked T-shirt, in case of the cold.
And set out for the home of their friend, a roust-about in the circus in Rajnandgaon.
Then he added Ranjan’s Rubber mat from the bathroom, closed his rucksack, tied Ranjan’s lead to it, and sat Ranjan on the top, ready for departure.
Oh, the many adventuRes they would have along the way:
the wild Road hogs of Rajnapur,
the Raging falls of eRR, that carried the unwaRy to their deaths.
But that is another stoRy.
In the end, Ranjan could think only of his wife,
And Ramana’s Rheumatism started acting up,
And he could only think of the joy of his Recliner chair.
And when the Rain started,
And Ranjan climbed on Ramana’s head, and refused to come down, Ramana thought: “this is surely a most learned and wise Racoon, who is most Rightly showing me the coRRect course of action.”
And affectionately shouting “You Rascal”, he coaxed Ranjan into his seat on the top of the Rucksack,
for their Return
to the comfoRtable abode in Pune.

My son Ranjan, an only child for those who do not know, is equally zapped and joins me in complimenting Lin on this very unusual and interesting piece of writing. I call him and his lovely wife Manjiree my children.

I just wish to add a quotation from Phyllis Diller.

“I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford.
Then I want to move in with them.”

Lin, I have moved in with my children. Actually, they did not have a choice in the matter. For quite how long they will tolerate me is yet to be seen.