The Law Is An Ass.


“The law is an ass” originates in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, when the character Mr. Bumble is informed that “the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction”.

This phrase has been brought to my attention again by a bizarre development in Australia. I leave my blog friend Keith to tell all about it in his blog post.

What a story! It can happen over here too Keith. I suppose that it could happen in any of the countries of the Common Wealth! And to the mother country what better way to salute than with this law – It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament
According to legal experts, as parliament is still classed as a royal palace, any death of an MP (or Lord) would in theory have required members of the royal household to sit as the coroner’s jury. As this raises all sorts of questions of parliamentary privilege, such as the right to a state funeral, the polite convention arose that no parliamentarian dies until they are safely in the ambulance to a hospital.

Our Government.

Some of my recent posts have been to express my disgust with the way our government and parliament has been functioning recently.

A story going around the email world goes like this. It has become viral and during Christmas with everyone in despondency, our political class is the target for many such stories.

No Nativity this Christmas

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity scene in Parliament this Christmas season. This however, is not for any religious reason, but because they simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in Parliament. And the search for a Virgin continues. There was no problem, however, in finding enough asses to fill the stable.

Our government, the executive branch of our nation, consists of our Members of Parliament of the Majority party, to form a cabinet of ministers. We follow the Westminster model.

The story is very relevant to our nation undergoing major problems due ONLY to the incompetency of the executive and our parliament.

Let me give you an example through this lead article in the Times of India of today.

If the executive branch is incompetent, our opposition has not exactly covered itself in glory. It has wasted tax payer money by stalling proceedings and bringing the house to a state of paralysis. This Editorial in the same paper is more than ample proof that we need to get our act together.

Industry and trade are slowly grinding to a halt and the rupee is in free fall. I personally am affected, but I am a small potato compared to what most of my clients are going through.

I hope that the powers that are get these messages and get their act together soon.