Favourite Things.

Judith, in her blog post Favourite Things, ends up with this statement. “My list can go on and on but what about your favourite things?”

In my comment there, I said that I would attempt a similar post and here I go.

Right on top of the list will be my son Ranjan. No need to elaborate is there?

My morning meditation. I meditate between 5 and 6 am when it is quiet and still and it is very conducive to meditate. If I don’t meditate, I feel out of sorts the whole day.

My morning cup of tea.

My morning newspapers followed by a session of solving crossword puzzles.

My reading.

My blogging and visiting and commenting other blogs.


To wind up, although there are a number of other favourite things in my repertoire, I will do injustice, if I don’t make a special mention of my friend from Pennsylvania Mayo. He is truly one of a kind.