Dr. Strangelove.


Looney, to the best of my recollection, for the first time since I started to follow his blog, wrote about a film for a change. And despite having seen the film earlier on two occasions, I decided to see it again seeing how suddenly Russia and the West are back at each other’s throat. I am glad I did though not because it threw any new light on the current situation, but to refresh my memory about Peter Sellers and his versatility.

Unlike Looney, I did not appreciate the black comedy, even on the earlier occasions when I had seen the film but liked it for Peter Sellers’ performance. But, on this occasion, it certainly got me thinking about the possibilities of something going wrong  either between the West and Russia or India and Pakistan with a nuclear fall out, and the trend of thought is not pleasant at all.

Apart from the main message of the film, I think that it should be screened again now in the present scenario to get people to think about how horribly things could go wrong.

I would rather not rate this film as a film to see for entertainment but to refresh our memories about the tense days gone by which seem to be reviving now again.

And finally, a message to Looney:  I hope that you enjoyed the review or what I have written in this post.  Thank you for reminding me of this film.

English Spring.

My friend Sandeep, currently resident of Sheffield, England, had this to say a while ago on a chat;

“The missus is out getting a haircut
I went for a walk in the fields
behind the house
God – I love England in the spring and summer.
Wish u could visit us here”

And I responded:

“Yes, remember that old song, Oh to be in England now that spring is here?
Peter Sellers I think.”

I wish that I could be with him and his ebullient missus Dee.

I can’t but I can share with my readers what I shared with Sandeep. I hope that it gives you as much pleasure to listen to it as it did for me and Sandeep.