All My Troubles Are Over.

I received this message via FaceBook.

Kwasi Frederic

  • Dear Rajgopaul,
    Your surname (Rajgopaul) is the same surname with one of my late client Engineer Patrick Rajgopaul who died with his wife and only daughter in a car accident here in Lome-Togo. Engineer Patrick Rajgopaul left behind the sum of Seven Million Two Hundred and Forty Five Thousand United States Dollars (US$7,245,000.00) with Union Bank here in Lome-Togo. After the death of Engineer Patrick Rajgopaul, I have tried my possible best as his personal Lawyer to Secure this Fund but the bank said I must submit the bank account details of any of his relative bearing the same surname Rajgopaul, and he already told me when he was alive that he has no relative for over 35years he nationalize here in Togo, therefore since you have the same surname with him, I will like to present your name and contacts to the bank as one of his family relatives and the bank will transfer the money to you, then both of us will share it 50%-50%.
    Please if I don’t claim the Fund, the bank will transfer it into their treasury as an unclaimed fund and it will just go like that, therefore it is better I secure it because I spent so much money to take them to the hospital but after everything they all died. So I have to take the responsibility of their burial and hospital bills. Please reply me as soon as possible to enable me send you the full details or you can as well call me: +228 99 97 34 79.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Barrister Khalid Norman.

I Have Just Become A Millionaire! And In GBP Too!

I have just received this email from Mr Terry bledsoe


Secret No:089188/10
Winner Pin No:5388/10.

Microsoft Corporation EMAIL DRAW held 23rd October 2010. Your email address attach to ticket N0.089188/10 won £1000,000.00 GBP (ONE MILLION GREAT BRITISH POUNDS).
To begin your claims, kindly contact the events manager

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Mr Terry bledsoe
(Microsoft Award Promotion Coordinator).

I hope that all the widows who have been shunning me will read this blog post.