Smart Phone Camera.

This was at 6.30 AM this morning when I was sitting in our verandah with my morning mug of tea. The sight of the full moon was spectacular and I tried to catch it with the camera in my phone and this was the best result among four other shots.

It looked more like this shot from google images.
I really wished that I had kept my old digital camera which would have given a much better image than what I got with the phone camera.  I should investigate and purchase one if it is not too expensive.

Intentions – 2012.

“Life does not obey our expectations. Life obeys our intentions, in ways we may not expect.”
~ Lloyd Strom

These are not my new year resolutions. One new year resolution that I made a long time ago was never to make new year resolutions. These are some of the things that I intend doing during the new year.

In January 2011, I had decided to get my weight down from 102 Kgs to 80. By July, I had brought it down to 85 Kgs. Since I had to stop walking to get ready for my surgery in late September that crept back up to 88 Kgs and has stayed there since due to inactivity. I intend reaching the goal of 80 Kgs sooner than later. As soon as I reach that magic figure, I intend getting myself a few pairs of jeans! Can’t let Conrad steal all the thunder.

I intend using my club facilities regularly. Due to various reasons, I had more or less stopped going to the club during the last two years and I intend changing that.

I intend to get out of the house more often than I have been doing the last few years. These outings will include out of town trips as well as within town, eating out, movies, meetings, parties, etc.

I intend learning how to use the camera gifted to me by Ranjan last year and use the photographs taken to write blogs around them.

I intend being sans sitzfleisch for bores who deliver monologues. I intend doing the same for some of my mentees too.

I intend making regular use of the Ipod that Ranjan has given me with all kinds of music loaded on.