My friend who is quite adept with Photoshop must have had some really free time from her usually busy schedule to have fantasised about me!  I am flattered and wish to share her fantasies so that you can understand the need for her to fantasise.

She must have been thoroughly bored with this avatar of mine.


So she decided that I should look like this.

She gave some more thought and was somehow not quite happy with what she got when she found this one.

Seeing such a holy and happy visage she decided that such a revered personality needs some Obeisance and produced something that she called Ob(ama)eisance.

I had no inkling about all the fantasising and was blissfully ignorant till she sent the images to me with much affection and hoped that I would not blow a gasket. I did not. How could I? Such amazing creativity and flattery! After the dust settled down, and I had posted these images on facebook to much comment and amusement, we spoke to each other and I promised to post an image that reflects the real me. No frills, no ego trips, nothing. Just plain old me.

Happy APR?

Another Michael Jackson?

Cheerful Monk had this to say about my avatar in my post “I Am Better Than I Look.”

“It would be nice if your picture weren’t so dark.”

Photographs don’t lie CM! I am a dark fellow. I am an Indian with roots going back to the Southern part of India where dark complexioned folk are the norm rather than the exception.

I know of course that Indian men are now very complexion conscious and try to get the Michael Jackson treatment. But I am at a stage of my life when I have to be satisfied with long distance unconsummated romances and betrothals. No amount of applying fairness creams will work.

Where fairness creams will not work, photoshop certainly would. So, a lighter photograph of mine would look like this:

That in not me. That is my ghost!

Thank you my anonymous long distance romantic interest for two great ideas.