The Physical Examination.

I have great faith in the old fashioned institution of the Family Doctor, or more popularly known as the General Practitioner (GP). My personal physician of fifteen years, who I consider as my personal friend as well is one of those remarkable doctors with a human touch and great diagnostic skills. I have written about him earlier and this post is to pay further tribute to that wonderful man.

During my long and rather eventful life, I have had the benefit of many such GPs and I can write posts about quite a few of them praising them. Sadly, this breed seems to be disappearing from our society.

Why am I suddenly writing about him again? Recently, I had a problem with a pulled muscle and I consulted him. He told me to rest, read a lot and avoid any kind of strenuous work. Eerily enough, another friend of mine, had a similar problem about the same time and went to his doctor who promptly advised him to go to an X ray clinic, take an X ray and visit an orthopedist to whom he gave a letter of introduction. My friend did as he was advised and the orthopedist advised him exactly the same treatment that my GP had advised me only adding an analgesic/antiinflamatory pill to ease the pain. My friend spent six times what it cost me to get the same advise. My GP did not advise the medication knowing fully well that I can put up with the pain and dislike taking medication.

While this was going on, I was drawn to an article in the New York Times about a doctor who is emphasising on the need to go back to the old fashioned physical examination that modern doctors seem to abhor. I urge my readers to read this article to get an idea of what he is trying to achieve.

It is a great article and very inspiring and informative. I am particularly impressed by the doctor’s background for obvious reasons! The name Verghese is a very popular name among the Christians of our Southern state of Kerala. I know many Vergheses and those that become my friends are inevitably called by me as grammar mistakes, much to their annoyance. The logic? A single name has to be Vergoose as Vergeese would mean many geese! It is a wonder that none of them have yet beaten me up.

To further lighten this post after that bit about the grammar mistake here is a video of a physical examination that should tickle your funny bone. Have fun.