Customer Service ICICI Bank.


I keep hearing about poor customer service all the time from various sources and when I personally experienced excellent customer service from a bank, I thought that it should be acknowledged by me in my blog post and also through my Facebook page.

During the last couple of weeks, I have not been able to use my ICICI Bank credit card for transactions online because at the last stage of secure check up my card was getting rejected as I was not receiving the One Time Password OTP on my phone. This is a new system that ICICI Bank have introduced recently as they had been using a PIN number for the last stage verification which worked just fine.

I suspected that it could be due to some wrong data entry of my telephone number as I was unable to use the mechanised complaint redressal system as well. I therefore decided to visit the branch of ICICI Bank where I have my account and was most pleasantly surprised to be attended to immediately at a counter meant exclusively for Senior Citizens by a very helpful young lady.  Mera khayal bilkul rakhe!

The lady heard me out patiently and went online to check if my suspicion was right and found that it was bang on and the bank had some totally strange telephone number on record for my credit card. She readily agreed with me that it must have happened at the time of change over to the new security system through wrong data entry and took immediate steps to rectify matters online in my presence. She assured me that by the following morning my credit card will function perfectly on the new OTP system as well and on testing it out, I find that it has indeed been corrected.

What a nice way to resolve a complaint instead of the mechanised telephone systems that often end up frustrating one!

While I had thanked the young lady personally at the bank, I wish to compliment and thank the ICICI Bank for the excellent training that they have given to their staff to handle such a problem and to solve them on the spot with special consideration for Senior Citizens.