This post is primarily to see if it will link to my twitter account. My friend Joe suggested that I do so, so that good posts can be tweeted by him to his followers. I have linked to my twitter account and let me see what happens when I post.

My regular readers will recollect my post on pessimism and optimism and the very interesting discussions in the comments on it.

One of my regular readers, who would rather direct his comments to me by hitting the reply button on his email program when he gets my posts by email, even suggested that I should call myself a pissimist for using the cartoon! Some people have an odd sense of humour. Anyway, to satisfy him, I have included another cartoon here.

For some strange reason, optimism seems to be a favourite topic of the season. There is another review in the NYT today which makes for interesting reading, though I do not intend buying that book. I have enough backlog pending to be read.