Book Binder 2.

One comment on my earlier post My Book Binder wondering about the cost of binding books, leads me to write this post.

I use another method to make books last a bit longer by getting a transparent plastic cover put on them by a machine specially made for that purpose. This machine is operated by a rather eccentric shop keeper who sells books in our old city and would insist on leaving the book/s with him overnight or for a couple of days before he would find the time to cover and return the book.

This method is much cheaper but I have to go to the city to get it done once to leave the book there and once again to collect it.   I had a young associate who used to live close by to the shop who used to do this for me cheerfully.   Unfortunately this young man died two weeks ago and I  would now have to go myself. I am investigating possibilities of getting one of the machines and if I succeed, I will give it to a friend who runs a small lending library close to home who will be delighted to commercialise it.

Here is a specimen of such a plastic covered book.  You can see the plastic on the edges.