Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!

After perusing the clip reproduced below, I simply deleted it from my WhasApp application as I thought that it was not something that would interest any of my friends / groups.

The same clip was sent by the sender to another group to which I belong and many in that group commented on the clip and I requested my friend to re-send the clip to me.

I personally think that the end result is not quite my cup of tea as she looks totally unreal. I however think that it would be a good idea to let my readers, the ladies particularly comment on it.

Beauty Markets.

Some time ago, I had written in a lighter vein about my friend facing a problem with his size. Now, Nick has this post “Up For Grabs” up in his blog Nickhereandnow.
Intrigued after reading the post and all the comments there as well as the personal barbs I faced on return from my vacation with added and obvious pounds around my waist, I conducted some research and was stunned at what I found.

To start with, this article is mind blowing. Further research led me to some other graphs.

While I accept that the quest for beauty is universal, I wonder if human beings are not being brainwashed by various vested interests into torturing themselves to achieve what is considered to be perfection by the media and the beauty industry. Lest I be asked, let me clarify – I personally am not going in for any surgical intervention for my middle. Some dieting and resumption of my exercise routine should do the trick, but it would certainly appear that plastic surgery would be a great career option for any young medical student.

And many thanks to Conrad for this timely contribution to this post.