Curry spices for cows and sheep could cut methane emissions

This is an article in The Independent, under “Green Living”, that needs to be read by all my regular readers. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I did.

Curry and spices are eaten by the entire South Asian sub continent. That is nearly a billion and a half people! I think that these scientists must come and satisfy themselves that these people do not leave any flatulent impact in the atmosphere before they proceed any further with their studies. I guarantee that if they do, they will change their views.

In fact, they may not need to. I am told that curry and spices have been hijacked by the British as their own national food. They even have a National curry week! The regular British curry consumers need to be studied. Don’t they need to be “burped”? That is all.

A few years ago, all of us came to know of the “Mad Cow Disease.” How do cattle develop BSE, which is the element in cattle meat, that caused the disease? Feed is the major route for transmission among cattle, according to veterinary medicine experts at Iowa State University. When ranchers and farmers feed cattle with products made from other cattle or sheep, such as ruminant feed, they are recycling diseased animal protein in feed containing meat and bone meal, thus causing the disease in cattle. Please see here.

When you feed cattle and sheep what nature did not intend them to eat, so that you can develop better meat for sale, you will have unintended consequences. I am sure that if you feed cattle curry and spice, we will have further unintended consequences. Don’t these scientists read books like ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ and ‘In Defense Of Food’ by Michael Pollan?

God help the cattle and sheep.