Letter Writing!

My friend Milind runs an NGO where he arranges for children to indulge in art. He also believes that we are forgetting the art of letter writing and has produced some picture post cards for his friends and family so that they can recommence writing letters. I have sent for some postage stamps and have every intention of sending a few off to some discerning friends who will appreciate the art in the cards as well as the attempt to revive the art of letter writing. A few may even suffer strokes out of sheer shock of receiving a post card after so many decades.

Another friend Unni an occasional blogger has just written a post on letter writing where he talks about the Inland letter form that used to be very popular during the letter writing years. Like his father, many used to write on the flaps too as there was inevitably so much to write. I distinctly remember my mother doing so almost without fail on every letter that she wrote to me.

During my bachelor days, many “love letters” were also indulged in. It is a pity that I don’t have any now to read again!

Talking about letter writing, my father inevitably addressed his letters to me with my academic achievements included in the address after my name as BA, MBA. On one occasion, I had the mortification of a postman delivering a Registered Letter to me asking for Bambaji. (Indian form of respect to attach ji to one’s name instead of Mr. before.) My very mischievous nephew Jai went one step further and started to call me Bamba Mama. (Mama being Indian for maternal uncle}

Do you write letters and post them either in a post box or in a post office?


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IMHO d gr8st invention of man is 🙂 and

Translated that will read, In My Humble Opinion the greatest invention of man is the insertion of a colon dash and close bracket sign (In this WP program that automatically translates it to a grinning face!) and the smiley graphic.

I can write anything I want and convey that I am just joking, or that I am not serious, or just being funny, by inserting either of those two signs. Neat, very neat. One does not have to go to convoluted linguistic gymnastics to convey humour as the intent in written communication. Now, the ubiquitous cell phone has smileys as part of the text that you can insert in a text message to make it even easier.

I wish that I had had these when I wrote all those love letters in my youth. I could have written more effectively in quantity in the same aerogram envelope or post card, and used less flowery language. And now that I have these in my life, I don’t have anyone to write love letters to 🙂