Ground Zero Mentality.

I wonder how the rule of ‘Six degrees of separation’ responds to events that evolve due to the logic of search engines and the internet. Sometime soon, I intend experimenting to find for myself if this is really true in real life.

Earlier this year, I was searching for something in the internet and what promised to be an interesting site popped up as an alternative. I went to that site and discovered a fascinating man in a remote part of the USA. He is Jerry Davich, a journalist/writer who has just co-authored a book with Dennis Berlien. In a way, the contents of the book is perhaps, likely to augment the law of six degrees of separation. I do not know. I however intend to find out and shall post about it after I read it.

Since then, we have been on email correspondence on a number of issues and to what extent our relationship has impressed Jerry has been brought to my notice by his very flattering article in the Post-Tribune of December 3, 2008.

I am grateful to Jerry for the nice things that he has said about me and am in separate correspondence with him on the subject. I just wish to impress on the readers to this post that the sentiments expressed about me, by Jerry are equally reciprocated by me about him.

The point of this post however is not to blow my trumpet about our Mutual Admiration Club. It is that Jerry has hit on a phenomenon that had not occurred to me till I read his article.

The phenomenon that he talks about, is not peculiar to his patch of green. It is very much part of mine too and I suspect that it is universal in its validity. I am only an amateur writer. Otherwise, I would have been writing for some news paper rather than blog to see my writing on print! Jerry however has hit the nail on its head as only a professional can. It is worth reading many times over and I have done my bit by linking it twice here.

I hope that Jerry’s article will lead to some introspection and I look forward to some interesting comments from all those who care.