Laugh And The World Laughs With You.

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” ~Lord Byron

I was at the local bank where there is an alcove with two desks, one each for Privileged Customers and Senior Citizens. I suppose that I qualify for both as whenever I enter that alcove, either desk’s occupant immediately extends service to me.

Today, I was fortunate to be served at the Privileged desk. While the
executive had gone somewhere to get a photocopy of a document for me, a
lady, may be around 40 came in and sat at the other desk. I smiled at her,
and told her that she was at the wrong place. She got quite annoyed and
said, this is the XXXXBank. I simply pointed out the board hanging over her
head that said “Senior Citizens” and said that she looked like Sub Junior to
me. She shot out of the chair and came alarmingly close to me and said, “In
that case, I shall sit on your lap!” By the time both the executives had
also returned and there was laughter all around, and this is the funnier part, people outside the alcove not even knowing the background had grinning faces as I came out.

Were they all laughing with me or at me? Does it make a difference?