National Problem !

This poem has been forwarded to me by Brig. (Retd) Gangadharan. It was composed by Col. (Retd) J J Smith, who is from the Bihar Regiment. He is a Sena Medal decorated officer who lost a leg in IPKF operations.

Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians!

You are the proud, citizens of this nation,

Don’t get entangled, in all these agitations,

As, they serve no person, or any religion.

The so called disputes, with heated discussions,

Only Leads to, further agitation, death and destruction.

Of all those persons, who have no connections.

They are the creation of, irresponsible persons,

Who only think, of their personal fiefdom.

And blame each other, by creating problems.

There by causing, further complications.

This is no way, of solving problems,

It only leads to, further divisions.

Which, strengthens the hands of, all those ruffians,

Wanting to further, divide the nation.

So, let’s sit together, and find a solution,

By coming together, through healthy discussions,

It’s the only way, to resolve our problem

For, finding a solution, through use of wisdom!!