Solution Before The Problem.

The Economic Times of today carried this cartoon.

This, apart from being funny, is so profound that it has occupied my mind since I read it this morning.

How often do we offer solutions before we know the problem! Let me give you an example.

There is news item this morning in our newspapers that the Secretary Of State designate, Mrs. Clinton has proposed trebling the non military aid to Pakistan as a measure to solve the quagmire that Pakistan has become because of its nuclear capability.

The solution here is trebling the non military aid. What is the problem? I have so far not come across any mention of the problem that asks for a solution of this largesse. What has happened to all the non military aid that the USA has been giving Pakistan all these decades? Where has it been spent? Who benefited from it? What results on the ground are there for proof of having spent that money on development projects?

My American readers may have some answers. Neither the Pakistani press nor any other source is able to give me answers.

Do you have any idea as to what the problem is, for this solution that Mrs. Clinton has come up with?