Most Overrated Artist (Musician, Actor, Etc.)

I was married to a fairly accomplished artist Urmeela but as much as I tried I could never learn the nuances of art appreciation of any kind. Even in music, I either like or dislike something but if I was asked as to why, I would not be able to answer. People found it strange as Urmeela could paint, play the piano, the guitar, the tabla and was creative in many ways. I would simply say that I married the artist not the art and leave it at that.

So, this topic is a bit of a problem for me as how does one with such limited ability write on it? I have therefore decided to just share a video of a piece of music which apparently was a major hit though I simply could not see why it was so. I leave it to me readers to decide whether my assessment that this artist and the music are highly overrated or not.

This topic was suggested by Shackman for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium (LBC) where currently six of us write on the same topic every Friday. I hope that you have enjoyed my contribution to that effort.  The five other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order,  AshokgaelikaaMaxi, and Shackman and The Old Fossil. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, or not at all this week, do give some allowance for that too!